OUR STORY (as told by Mat)

How We Met

Whitney and I met on December 18th, 2006. Two of our best friends from elementary school were dating (and are now engaged too!) and so after I angled my way onto Dan's winter break ski trip, I got the chance to drive Whitney and two of her best friends from high school the six hours from Chapel Hill to Snowshoe, WV. The stereo in my trusty Honda Accord had just recently been stolen so I got great insight (seriously, six hours worth) into the most up-to-date Burlington gossip. It was like a live version of a Bachelor reunion show! I knew I had found my true love.


When we returned from our meet-cute on the slopes (and our semester break), we fell into a whirlwind romance that included a first date at Starbucks (maybe, but we can't really remember anymore), ping pong battles in the Church House basement and one very special Yo La Tengo concert. A wonderful summer spent in Chapel Hill between our junior and senior years really cemented our love for each other. After college, Whitney took the initiative to immediately get a job and move to NYC while I spun my wheels in Raleigh and Dallas trying to figure out my future. Long distance put some distance between us but in August 2009, I finally moved to New York and our relationship was back on the (relatively) fast track!


Three years of living in New York taught me that Whitney and I could handle anything together so on April 21, 2012, I asked her to marry me after a romantic dinner in our apartment.

After a special home-cooked meal from yours truly (the first sign that something special was afoot), Whitney suggested going out for a night on the town. I had other plans. I suggested we sit on the couch and enjoy the rest of our bottle of wine while we watched a romantic slideshow of our relationship (I thought this would be a dead giveaway that something was up, but not yet). After some hilarious technical difficulties getting the slideshow to play properly, we settled onto the couch. As the music was playing and the pictures of our relationship flashed in front of us, I knew I could be happy with this little monkey (I already knew that but I really knew it after seeing us together). After three whole songs, I finally built up the courage to ask Whitney if I could ask her a "serious question."

"How serious?" she replied.

"Well, it depends on what you mean by serious, but pretty serious. Ok, very serious." I replied.

Then, I said, "I think we should get engaged. What do you think?" (another sign that I was actually proposing).

"That sounds like a great idea!" she said, a little faster than I expected.

I told her she needed to stand up for the next part and we stood up and danced awkwardly in the middle of our tiny living room. Then, I told her to close her eyes. When she opened them, I was down on one knee, with the ring in my hand and I said, "Will you marry me?!?!"

Somehow, she was still surprised!

Whitney said yes (thank goodness!), I tried to put the ring on the wrong hand, finally got it on the right (left) hand, she cried a bit, I thought about crying and then we had a nice, long kiss topped off with some Champagne!

The end, or maybe the beginning.


Andrew and Jenn Brown's Wedding - June 2008

Bow Bridge, Central Park - October 2012

Cardinals 10 - Mets 8 in 14 Innings - July 2008

Clearview Cinemas - 62nd and 1st - October 2012

Durham Beer Fest - October 2007

Engagement Night - April 21, 2012

Going out for a night on the town - September 2007

Halloween 2007

He's Not Here - Summer 2007

Museum of Modern Art - May 2008

Nets 93 - Bulls 89, Barclay's Center, February 2013

New Year's Eve 2008

Photo Booth - Alphabet City - July 2011

Pick Up Sticks - October 2007

Post-graduation - May 2008

Roosevelt Island - October 2012

San Fransisco Wharf - Fall Break 2007

Sneak Attack! Nets-Bulls game, February 2013

Snowmass - Christmas 2007

Stephen's 21st Birthday Party - July 2007

Turtle Pond, Central Park - October 2012

Whitney's 22nd Birthday - September 2008

William Shakespeare Statue, Central Park - October 2012


The Bride's Side

Her Family
Her Bridesmaids

The Groom's Side

His Family
His Groomsmen


Post-Rehearsal Dinner Drinks: 10:00pm

Join us for drinks following the rehearsal dinner.

TRU Deli + Wine (Formally Lucy's)
114 Henderson Street
Chapel Hill, NC


Ceremony: 5:30pm

The ceremony will be held in the Gardens at Fearrington. The Reverend Bob Disher, who married Whitney's parents 34 years ago, will be presiding.

Cocktail Hour: 6:00pm

Following the ceremony, there will be cocktails and passed hors d'oeuvres on the patio of the barn while the wedding pictures are made.

Dinner and Dancing: 7:00pm

After the cocktail hour, the reception will be held inside the barn. A seated buffet will start the evening and then the DJ will crank it up. Be ready to dance!

Semi-formal attire is requested.


Post-Wedding Brunch: 10:00am

Wake up with us for a post-wedding brunch. More information coming soon.


We have reserved hotel rooms at the following Chapel Hill hotels. Please call and reference the Sharpe/Thomas wedding or follow the links below to reserve a hotel room. Luckily, there is not a home football game on September 14th so there should be available rooms at other area hotels if you would like to book accommodations separately. We plan on providing safe and responsible transportation from the reception to the wedding hotels.

The Fearrington House Inn

A luxurious bed and breakfast located in the same charming village as our ceremony and reception.
(919) 542-2121

The Carolina Inn

A historic hotel located on the University of North Carolina's campus and a block away from Franklin Street and downtown.
(800) 962-8519

Courtyard Chapel Hill

A Marriott hotel conveniently located on Highway 54, with quick access to Fearrington, downtown Chapel Hill and the Raleigh-Durham Airport.
(800) 321-2211

Aloft Chapel Hill

A Starwood hotel conveniently located on Highway 54, with quick access to Fearrington, downtown Chapel Hill and the Raleigh-Durham Airport.
(919) 932-7772

Around Town

Here are some things to do around town if you are new to the area (as curated by Whitney). Google names + Chapel Hill, NC for locations/details.





Williams Sonoma


Pottery Barn







I want to thank my family for all of their support over the years, in NC and in my move to NYC. I'm excited for all the trips home to work through the planning and hope to tap into some of their expertise from executing Andy and Landis's beautiful day last fall. And come September, a Chapel Hill wedding will be a good excuse to check up on Alan during his first year at UNC.


Matron of Honor

Katherine Tate McGee

Katherine and I met during the Disney Mousercise days of 3rd grade, but our friendship really blossomed during the journey through high school. Math class, the junior lot, American Idol, felegrate, road signs and cookie dough bites are just a few of the things that come to mind. Katherine, now married, is an interior designer and lives in Fort Lauderdale.


Addy Auten

Addy is the one bridesmaid who doubles as a UNC friend and an NYC friend. She played a crucial role in the dress selection process as I dragged her all around NYC in pursuit of that perfect gown. Addy works in advertising and when she's not in the city, you can find her soaking up the sun in Hawaii with her main squeeze.

Beth Paisley

Beth claims the title of longest friendship, dating back to the early pre-school days at Wee Care. Though separated for elementary school, we rekindled our love in the orchestra room at Turrentine Middle. Beth, now married, lives in her new home in Raleigh and is putting her PhD to working in mechanical engineering.

Caroline Schnegg

My early relationship with Caroline can be summed up with tutus and feather boas and lots of stage makeup from our days of dance at BADA. Caroline is also my one high school friend that transitioned to college friend and roommate. Caroline now lives in Boston with her fiancé and is working as a postdoc (yes, another PhD) at Boston University.

Constance Owen McCall

Constance and I share a unique bond - the bond of having our dad's coach us at Y basketball for more years than we can count. Our friendship has carried on throughout the years despite Connie's undying love for the Wolfpack and solid hatred for all things Tar Heel. Now married, she lives in Raleigh and works for Johnson Lambert LLP.

Kate Monks

Kate is my #1 'roomie' and fellow Tar Heel. We connected immediately based on our love for our sisters, Katie and Shannon (some people may refer to them as pets/dogs). Since living in 413 (if you know what I mean), Kate has moved from Austin to San Fran to Chicago where she now lives and works in advertising.

Landis Huffman Sharpe

Landis is the newest member to the Sharpe family, marrying my older brother last October. With that experience under her belt, she'll be the go-to for all family coordination come fall. Landis now works at Fire Salon and Spa and lives in Burlington with Andy.

Stacey Allred

Stacey and I first met sophomore year and really solidified our relationship through a collection of APO events (Carolina's service fraternity) and three consecutive spring break adventures. When not participating in these activities, you could find her at our apartment or at the Smith Center. Since surviving law school at UNC, Stacey is now an immigration attorney in Charlotte.


I cannot thank my parents or my brothers and sisters enough for all they have done for me. To me, my family is the best family in the whole world and I know how lucky I am to be able to say that. My mom is always there to listen and give good advice. My dad will take me to any action movie that is playing at the dollar cinema. Jes will always have the hottest new mystery for me to read. My sister Mia is always willing to drown my sorrows with me, plus she is the coolest girl I know. Clay will always make me think about what I believe. Sam will always show me a different way of living and looking at the world.


Best Man

Clay Thomas

My older brother and best friend. I can't remember any part of my life that is not influenced by him. He has helped shape who I am and how I see the world.

Groomsmen (in abc order because I love them all equally)

Alan Sharpe

My future brother-in-law. I need him on my side so I put him in the wedding. He is definitely better at baseball than me but we have not settled our Fifa score yet! Alan will be a freshman at Carolina by the time of the big day so I am sure he will be able to show all of us the coolest party spots in Chapel Hill!

Andy Sharpe

My other future brother-in-law. Andy is a fellow Tar Heel and always a great host when Whitney and I return to Burlington. Recently married, I know Andy will help me get through my big day.

George Guthrie

My biggest rival on the UNC Ultimate team. Who could put more grass in their hair while acting like a monkey on the sidelines? Who could have more turnovers? Who could cut the most corners on long runs during my freshman year? Who would you want up on sniper hill or in front of the blue base with only a single 'nade to get that warthog?

With a friend like George, who needs enemies?

Jordan Fleuriet

I met Flo on the way to my first UNC Darkside tournament. He might not remember but Neal "An Ogre" Brincefield brought us Sunrise (aka Biscuit Heaven) and we shared the back seat of Neal's tiny Mazda. When Flo returned from a semester in England, we became fast friends. I won't soon forget his apartment at the top of the hill on Franklin St or the time he dressed up as Ming the Merciless for Halloween.

Robert Hunt

When I moved to Texas, I met Robert before my first day at Highland Park in my neighbor Miles's living room. Robert and Miles convinced me to join the football team (which I had never thought would be possible) and by my senior year, we were battling it out to be the starting C back. Robert is one of my friends who challenges me the most in everything I do.

Ryan Coffield

Ryan was my roommate in college and blazed the path to law school a few years before I did. He loves weird-looking human-animal hybrids and his work ethic always inspires me to do better.

Sam Thomas

My younger brother. A real scamp, Sam is three years younger than I am. He helped me gain patience and understanding as I grew up and now he is one of the coolest, weirdest, most interesting people I know.

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